Z axis ball nut oil port screw

Can someone verify of they have a screw in their z axis ball screw nut oil port? Doing a thorough clean and oil while setting up the journeyman upgrade and noticed it is missing. Guessing mine went the way of the vacuum during a carve and I never noticed…

I have the z assembly on the original Woodworker and do not have this screw. Not sure if it is different on the Journeyman.

Nah looking back at it reassembled it looks like there wasn’t room… Same z axis is on both machines

Hey BJ, hey Tom,

I don’t know if the manufacturer put a screw on Z ball nut (that could have been lost later due to vibration, what I assume that you are wondering); I can’t look because I have difficult access to our machine at the moment, but I just had a look at the manufacturer’s FAQ posting Onefinity Maintenance, and at this moment in the video you have to remove a screw from the Y oil ports before being able to oil it, same for X oil port, but at this moment in the video, you are told that Z oil port is located behind the bearing and would only be accessible by removing the bearing. So instead of accessing oil port, you are told to flood the top of the Z ball screw with oil. Wouldn’t an open screw hole make the oil flow out on the side? Or is flooding meant as FLOODING :slight_smile:

1610 Ball Screw Nut
Replacement 1610 Ball Screw Nut.

Replacement 1616 Ball Screw Nut.

So according to the video, at least on Y and X axes, there is a screw on oil port, but interestingly the ball nut here does not look like the offered replacement part:

Did the parts change at some time? The oil port screw here is at 90° while above it seems to be at some 45°?

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Setting up my woodworker last week I was missing 2 right out of the box, 1 x rail and 1 y rail. Not something you can buy at the local hardware store. Here comes the grinder and tap and die set. Support sent me a link to order but the shipping is around $10 for $1 worth of screws.

Not sure I follow. They are a standard socket cap screw so most definitely would be available from any hardware supply house. Likewise, support would have sent them right to you I am thinking if they were unintentionally missing. Are you sure we are talking about the same thing?

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Where I live all we have available are small hardware stores such as ace hardware. Close as I could get was m6x8mm, 2mm too long. Bought two m6x8mm, clipped 2mm off with a Dremel, chased the threads with a die to clean up, and I’m good to go. Didn’t ask for replacement screws or want to bother onefinity with something I could take care of. My comments are, in no way, a complaint on onefinitys customer service.