X-50 Woodworker x-axis oil port screw?

The Onefinity manual states that oil should be added to the oil ports of the ball screws periodically.

Where is the x-axis oil port on the X-50 Woodworker?

I can find the oil port screws for the y-axis but not for the x-axis.

Can anyone help?

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looks like yours has fallen out?


Fallen out from where? I don’t see a hole.

unscrewed it self. Look at the link we linked to.

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Thank you for the image showing where the screw should be.

There is a matching hole on the other side (router side). Should there be a screw there as well?

@Michael_M Thanks for asking this. Apparently I need to re-watch that video.


This is truly odd. It seems I’m also missing the screw. I wonder if this was an issue with the batch of machines because I’m quite certain this is how my X-50 Woodworker came (might have to find videos/photos to see if I happen to have a shot from an angle that shows it). :stuck_out_tongue:

Only one side should have an oil port, the other doesn’t need one as the ball nut inside does not have a spot for it. (see picture)

I had the same problem. It was missing when the machine shipped. Contact OneFinity and they will send you a replacement.