Z Axis Depth Test (for support purposes)

We’ve created a test file to test if your z axis is working correctly. Please see the attached pictures. The stock is 2 inches x, 2 inches y, .75 thick z. You could really use any scrap you have that is at least that large to run the file.
The xy zero point is the lower left, and the z zero is top of the material.
The file uses an 1/8 inch endmill for all cuts. Ensure imperial is the unit of measurement selected on the controller before cutting.
The file is designed to cut 9 squares at different depths. You can see from one of the pictures the depths (in inches) each square should be after it’s cut. (we’re assuming the test board you use is flat (or better yet) surfaced by the machine)).
Once cut, you can use a digital caliper to see if the depths you measure add up to the depths the machine actually cuts.

Z depth test.ngc (2.0 KB) (BB Controllers)

Z depth test.nc (5.4 KB) (Elite Controllers)

Vectric Design File:

Test Z file.crv (153 KB) (Design File/ Vectric 10.5)

Job Setup Picture

See This for EMI testing as well: