Z axis won’t zero after homing

Cheers, I’ve just tried again & same thing, so started to think it may be the file.
Thanks for the quick response & hopefully plain sailing from here

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To be concise, this isn’t just a mild suggestion, either. Think in terms of “malicious intent”. Like any program, it can seem benign at face value but run amok along the way to destroy material, tools, the bed and even a spindle through nefarious command manipulation.

Not that a Onefinity test program would be designed to intentionally cause such problems but even legitimate programs are designed with specific parameters for material thicknesses, placement within the cutting area, specific zeroing and for use with specific tooling that won’t play nicely outside of those parameters.

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OK, still having problems. Ran a small test file, went great, thought I’d run another to test V carving & keep getting the following

I can jog machine on X & Y but is only about 25mm above waste board & cant jog higher
I’m at a loss dont know what to do, can the z axis be manually set/adjusted?
As i said, i’ve read through the support post from above, but for a newb was not really clear in what i need to do. (I dont consider “lift the bit higher” to be a tangible solution.
i hope this is not going to be the same bullshit everytime i want to do something.
I know its likely user error, but this user has NFI what to do.

I should mention the 2nd pic is what i get when i try to run a program

TIA for any assistance

When the controller reports “over” or “under” in the “toolpath” column it’s telling you the g code will attempt to move outside the boundaries of the limits of the machine. Hitting “go” when you see what you have in the first image (over) will undoubtedly lead to the error message popup you received, in this case indicating the g code is telling the Z axis to move higher than is physically possible.

When you installed the Z slider assembly on the X gantry there are multiple sets of holes available, you may need to move the assembly up to as higher point to get the Z travel you need.

Also on a side note, the buttons for “probe XYZ” and “probe Z” are lit up green, this should only occur when you the circuit is completed between the touch plate and tool during the probing cycle. Are the touch plate and magnet in contact with each other causing this or are they lit up green all the time?

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So how do i fix the “over” before hitting run?

I will lift the gantry up tomorrow, i just assumed as the assembly vid says middle holes that it would all work, i mean it is a std set up with makita trimmer & it was a simple V carve txt file

I hadnt noticed the probe so they may well have been touching after i had finished zeroing in on work piece. Would that be a possible contributor to the problem?


The probe isn’t a problem unless it’s like that all the time and when you use the probe it stops short because the contact is already made instead of touching off the workpiece thereby giving you a false Z axis height.


Clearing the error code is sometimes needed, not just hitting ok, (Upper left trashcan button) before onefinity will respond to commands, joystick, etc.

In the fwiw column, I stick my magnet to my probe and toss them in a magnetic steel bowl I keep my hex head bolds for clamps etc. My light is pretty much green on z and xyz probing except when I am about to probe and the magnet is stuck to the collet :sunglasses:

Agreed, the green light isn’t particularly an issue unless you’re trying to probe. It has been reported when implementing a spindle with a ground that connecting the magnet to the spindle will close the circuit and cause erroneous probing results. Since the issue here seems to be related to Z height with the ‘over’ I was trying to rule out a probing issue.