Test sign that came with cnc

I’m trying to cut the test sign and I’ve zero’d it all (don’t have the probe yet, ordered it as it seems that’s easy and important, wish is came with) and hit play and only the z axis works.
Goes into the wood then estops.

Rebooted machine as well.

It doesn’t appear that you have homed the machine based on what that says. Does your not prompt for homing when you start it up?

After you home, you then set your zeros. They will be applied as offsets to the parameters set by the mechanical limitations of the machine.

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Yes it was homed to start with, I did a video but I can’t load here so here’s screen shot. When we hit play the z axis goes all the way through the wood and stays there then we get the estop screen, that I posted previous.
I’m going to call tomorrow as I’m assuming it’s something I’ve done I guess.

Have at look at this post il will help you

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