Z axis ESTOPPED switch not found when homing

Every time I hit home the z axis will move up about 15mm and then the machine will estop and give me n error.

ESTOPPED switch not found

Any ideas?

I’m also getting a no fit error on the Z.

Warning: the current tool path dimensions (29.31 mm) exceed axis dimensions (10 mm) by 19.31 mm.

I’m trying to cut out Ben Myers cam clamps, I don’t think the file is the issue.

I loaded the gcode onto a flash drive and opened it on the 1F.

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Hermsen](Profile - Hermsen.BJ - Onefinity Forum)


When you probe it only allows a short travel distance. Always get to withing about a quarter inch of the probe.

This might help. I did a search for Estopped.

I searched estopped as well, this seems to be different.

It isn’t while probing, the machine probes correctly.

When I press the home button the z axis moves up and then I get this error. It doesn’t matter where the machine is or the current z height.

I don’t have my machine yet but remembered seeing that. Does Z move freely manually controlled?

Yep, X, Y and Z all move correctly. X and Y home properly with no errors.

The “no fit” error you were getting is probably related to the fact that Z hasn’t homed (and doesn’t know where it is yet).

When you first turn on the machine and it asks if you want to home, you click “OK” and Z raises up but doesn’t successfully home? Does it try to keep raising it but makes a “thud” noise and get stuck?

If I recall, when you power-on and do the homing routine, it does Z first, then X, then Y. After Estopping because it can’t home Z, does it still go ahead and home X then Y?

I just tried this. I press home after turning it on and the Z moves up about 15mm and puts the machine into estop.

The X and Y do not move afterwards.

Email support@onefinitycnc.com

1F support helped me get it working.

For anyone else who may have this issue, resetting the configuration fixed the Z problem.