Z Carriage Mounting

The OF spoilboard flattening video advises to move the carriage to the lowest position, then move back to the middle position upon completion. Does anyone leave it at the lowest position? I am asking because I am doing a project with a small 1/32 bit and I get a Z error when trying to probe the Z height. I resolved it by lowering the bit just a bit in the collet, but I am not comfortable with that solution. I am thinking dropping the Z carriage to the lowest set of holes would be better. FYI, my work piece is .5" thick. Thoughts?

Start the probing cycle from a higher point - the error will say something like “will cause the z axis to travel 4.8mm beyond the max soft limit” so if you start 4.81mm higher then it should succeed. The probe cycle will travel a max of 25.4mm (1 inch), when you attempt to probe for Z it takes the current location + 25.4mm and if that is greater than the max soft limit of 133mm it will fail, even though the probe might be 3mm away from the block.

You could also add a second waste board on top of your waste board, just for that purpose so you don’t have to pull the small bit out of your router. It only need to be large enough to support you project.

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