Z Motor Alarm on Elite - Carveco Maybe?

New to the Onefinity CNC world. I have an Elite Machine with a spindle from Pwn CNC.

I XYZ zero, I load the file from my USB and hit the go button, the spindle speeds up and the Masso controller gets a ‘Z Motor Alarm’ error and stays stuck. I power down the spindle, and hit the E stop, and then attempt to re-home. Then, I get a Homing error, as well.

I followed a few previous forum help guides without luck. First I turned off the machine, rebooted, E-Stopped, F1 to clear Z Motor Alarm, then turned off the machine and waited 30 seconds, rebooted, E-Stopped, checked to make sure the error was still cleared on the F1 screen, and then Homed without issue. I then re-XYZ zero, loaded the file, then pressed start for the same issue to come up, ‘Z Motor Error.’

I have also checked to make sure my homing sensors are all working, and all of them are working properly.

UPDATE: I ran a simple file and the machine had no issues with it. Maybe it has something to do with my tool pathing?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

When you’re getting the z-axis alarm, is your z slider up all the way? I’ve had a similar issue when using a fairly long bit. If it’s up to the homing sensor and the controller is trying to further raise the axis, you’ll get that alarm.


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Yes, my Z Slider is all the way up, I notice that the homing probe is further in the sensor than it is when it homes. I just have a Jenny bit in the spindle.

The z safe is set to 0.2, so I do not think it is that.

I did test an another file and it had no issues.

open the g code file with a text editor and see if you see anything that does not looks right.

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I’m a new to all this, what am I looking for in the g code?

If I read your entry correctly, you say the Z slider is up into the sensor region when you start the file? There should never be a reason the Z slider should be so high as to engage the homing probe into the sensor once homed. This is the error. Soft limits should prevent this from happening. If that is what is occurring, it is not a Carveco problem, it is a Masso error.


Greetings All,
Further to my above post, I would recommend all of you check the Masso, F1 page, double tap General settings and see if the soft limits are enabled. Mine came from Onefinity with soft limits unchecked, which I changed to checked. Note that hard limits should NOT be checked as there are no limit switches at the non-home end of any axis. This change makes the Masso honor the home and max distance limits for each axis.

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I’m at my machine today and it is the opposite of what is in post 7, the F1 page, General Settings check buttons are for DISABLING not enabling. So both of mine were checked, which disabled soft limits and that I corrected by unchecking that box. You should have soft limits enabled to honor the dimensions of your machine and hard limits, as I stated above should be disabled.

Sorry for any confusion.

Thank you for the clarification and knowledge.

I ended up remaking the tool path in Aspire and didn’t have any issues from there.