Z Slider making contact with gantry block

Has anyone encountered the Z slider making contact with the X Axis Gantry Block. I only used the machine a couple of time and always had issues with the Z-probe so much that I skipped it and used the paper method. This evening while attempting the paper zero method I noticed that metal flakes were lading on my paper…thats when I noticed the gantry block had major gouges from that were from the Z axis. I have noticed that I had a difficult time moving that Z axis by hand as described on the installation video.
So bottom line…are the gauges something to be concerned about and how I can I keep continuing to damaging itself.


Something sure isn’t right! You had better contact support.

I agree with Alden, this is something you need to contact support about ASAP! My machine has ample clearances for all moving parts and I’ve not experienced any wear or interference indications in any axis.

*Update - Rep. contacted me early this morning stating that the Z- Slider needed to be replaced. I just received notification that the replacement will be at my door tomorrow afternoon. Wow!!! What more can you say about there customer service. They really are at the bench mark every company should strive to be.


Almost looks like the cutout for the .250" steel plate was cut too deep on this one. I’m also going to guess that your front-to-back tram was way off as well, unless both the top & bottom alum. plates were machined identical. I would expect to see a better bottom finish on projects after installing the new Z slider. Unless this isn’t the case, and the issue was caused by an inaccurately machined ball screw flange where one of the flats wasn’t machined deep enough. In either case, it can happen on production parts. Glad that Onefinity took good care of the issue for you though.