1.2.1 Issues and future upgrade to 2.0


  1. Are there any confirmed issues with 1.2.1?
  2. Are there any reconfig steps that need to done after upgrading?


Quote from 1F post re: 1.2

“The next firmware version of the software, 2.0 is a major software revision. What do we mean by ‘major’? Visually, and functionally, it will look and work very much the same as our current firmware (1.2). However, it’s underlying programing is moving to 64bit architecture, which means major, under the hood, work. What does moving to 64 bit mean? In simplified terms, it allows us to change from the current older raspberry pi 3b computer module that’s inside our controller today to the raspberry pi 4 computer module.”

What does that mean for all of the current Buildbotics users? Are we stuck with 1.2.1 forever? Or will there be an upgrade path for us, either a new module to put in the controller, or a complete new box?

I cannot speak for Onefinity, but as a person that has been working with computers as long as I can remember, I will say that switching out the RaspberryPI, while visually daunting, is no more difficult than undoing a number of screws, taking photos so you remember where wires reconnect, and putting the screws back in. There will be the whole 'swap out your microsd card part, but that is also not a difficult task. I am also certain there will be videos and diagrams and threads in forums detailing the steps. They are testing the 2.0 release on RPI3b models as well, how well that goes is still TBD.

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Hey Brian,

the Raspberry Pi 3B that is inside the stock Onefinity Controller already has a 64-bit-capable CPU. The outdated Raspberry Pi OS from 2017 that runs on the Onefinity <=1.2.xx SD card images is an image of the 32-bit architecture “armhf” (ARM hard float), but switching to the 64-bit architecture “arm64” will work out of the box since the Raspberry Pi 3B is in fact made for it.

You can check this by taking an empty SD card and writing the most recent Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) to it and boot it on the Raspberry Pi 3B.

As Onefinity states:

So no need for an upgrade path, you will be able to simply install 2.x firmware with a 64-bit OS image when it left beta status on your old Onefinity Controller.

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Hey Patrick,

no need to exchange the Raspberry Pi, as explained above. But in case someone would want to, the old back panel of Onefinity Controller won’t fit Pi 4 since connectors positions changed (see here) (technical drawing). Also you would need a Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter.

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Completely understood. I am running it on a Pi4 because I can… Someone else had posted about an upgrade path, I was trying to reassure them that swapping out the old 3 for a newer 4 is not that tough. Good call/catch on the plate not matching up.