10.8 touchscreen not working

I can not get the touchscreen to work. System works fine with a mouse, but…
Any ideas?

Hi Dave - welcome to the forums!

You mean when you touch the screen it doesn’t register but if you use a mouse connected to the controller it works fine? Seems like the screen is broken - recommend contacting support.


That’s exactly it. Was hoping I missed something!

Other than pushing harder or using a touch pencil, I’m thinking the display is fubar.


Double check that you have the usb connection from the screen to the controller plugged in correctly.

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I would switch the USB C cords plugged into the monitor. Mine was the same and once I swapped them, the touch screen worked perfectly.


That is what I did and it worked. :smiley:

Thanks for the help guys. Switching out the USB cords did the trick!

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