3D Carving Troubleshooting SOLVED

I recently set the Max Jerk to 10k. Was doing great on a cut-out last night. Today was a different story. I was test cutting a 3D file. I noticed during the roughing tool path that the step down would scoot to the left about .25" instead of repeating exactly on top of the last layer.

Could bumping my max jerk from 1k to 10k cause a skip like that or is the problem elsewhere? The vectric software & the 1F showed it to be correct.

I had a similar problem and my cnc was loosing is reference after doing some cornering or helix cut. I was asked by support to test the firmware 1.0.8b1 (under Assets) and this totally fix my problem. See also Fusion Circular Interpolation? - #12 by blaghislain