44w laser and PwnCNC dustboot v7

I’m looking to make the swap between spindle/router and Laser quicker. I have a PwnCNC dust boot v7 and Macguyvered a clamp around the Z-stepper to hold the hose vertical. It works great, but it’s a pain to remove to use the laser. Has anyone figured out a way to deal with this?

I’ve created and 3D printed a dovetail mount that attached to the front of the spindle mount using the existing threaded holes. The dovetail designed/printed laser dovetail mount.
the dovetail on front of the laser mount accepts a vacuum mount.

This mount also accepts my dust boot using the two side spring pins to lock.


Looking for something similar. Are you willing to post the files or do you have an etsy store?

Do you have a printer? And, the boot is designed for the router motor. I’m not sure if the diameter for the spindle is the same.

Sorry was out of town for a bit. I do have a Bambu X1C printer. I am just looking to use it for the laser quick disconnect/slide on and off, no need for it to also connect to the Dustboot but i think that is really cool(currently using my Nighthawk, that I highly recommend.)

No problem. How should I send file? Just to mentioned, the design if for the 14w laser.