7/31/2020 update - Z Slider Upgrade for ALL! (outdated as of 2020)

So I assume that after the pre-buys are shipped, the new units will have the original Z slider and you will sell the extended unit as an upgrade?

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My guess is that the longer Z will become standard and the price will reflect that.

@OnefinityCNC, what say you?

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The longer, beefier Z slider IS standard! It will be the only one that ships. And NO price increase because of it!


What a nice surprise! I’m very glad I got in early and looking forward to my new “toy.”

Very excited about this news.

Quick question: is the router bracket replaceable? Or will we have to replace the entire z-axis slider to use an 80mm spindle or something like a 69mm DeWalt 611. I can’t really tell from the picture.

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Hey Nicky… You can replace just the spindle mount. You’ll need to remove the bottom bracket and unscrew the Ball Screw. We’ll have instructions on how to do it once it’s available. Talk soon…


This is great on one hand but on the other I’m bummed. I got my machine 2 weeks too soon. Haha

Hi, The original post was from a year ago. I think you’re ok.


A few things off the top of my head:

** Drag knife, great for cutting wood laminate, leather, and several other things that do better with a knife blade than a spinning cutter*
** sharpie, do drawings or layout*
** permanent cloth markers, make t-shirts*
** a diamond scratch tool, marking glass and metal*
** laser, engraving, and cutting*
** small air drill, much better than the router for drilling lots of holes*

Does anyone offer any of these suggested tools such as the drag knife, Sharpie or pen holder, or a GoPro mount?

They all sound like something that could be 3D printed but I don’t have a 3D printer so wondering if anyone has created these and offers them for sale. I could see me using all three.

I have recently bought a Donek drag knife. It works well.
I also have a laser. Finally Boring Research sells a drag engraver. You have options with the 1F…

I wrote a Python script to help me post-process Lightburn files for the drag knife.


I’m actively working on a (simpler than it sounds) multi-Sharpie magazine and changer system. If you’re interested in helping test and improve it, DM me an address and I’ll send you a prototype or two.


www.rowdyroman.com @RowdyRoman offers a go pro mount. Perhaps he can assist with the other things you’ve mentioned.

All orders? Mine is #20715 - it hasn’t been built yet. So I’ll get mine with this upgrade?

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According to the post by Onefinity, the “upgrade” was to the pre-production specs. The lesser spec was never produced. Every unit made has the upgrade.

I have the 32x32 woodworker, if i order the z slider 80 mm. will this work on my woodworker? Do i need anything else, like brackets, screws wires etc… and updating my software or changing my Buildbotics setup.
Thank you.

Hardware wise it should be as easy as removing the 4 mounting screws and switching out the assembly. I will assume the wire connector for the new Z axis motor will be the same connection style. The new Z axis ball screw has a different lead, so there will need to be parameter changes made in the controller for this axis.

I am sure others will confirm shortly - I have never used the 1F controller, but did switch out a Z assembly.


1F supply everything.

Caution: taking off the existing slider can be difficult when it comes to undoing the hex screws. In early models it is believed that 1F CA glued the screws in place. If you find it tricky to undo themthen others have suggested adding solvent and letting it dissolve the potential glue application. try not to shred the hex screw. Some that have shredded the hex have had to drill them out and rethreaded but then you’re into finding new screws and I believe it all gets more complicated.


hey Andy, hey Tom @TMToronto, hey Renato @MaxCovi,

I think you Andy and Tom mean different things. If you want to replace the classical Z-16 Z assembly (which was presented in this old thread in 2020) by the new Z-20 “Heavy Duty” Z assembly, I believe as Tom you said it’s mainly four screws (see also Tramming the router). And the ‘min-soft-limit’ , the ‘travel-per-rev’ and some motion settings for motor 3 will need to be adjusted because of the longer travel and the steeper 1610 ball screw. A new default setting choice with firmware 1.2.x takes care of that.

If on the other hand you want to buy the 80 mm spindle mount and mount it in place of the stock 65 mm mount, there is

Also with the 80 mm spindle mount the center of the spindle shaft will be 15 mm more towards front as can be seen here, which will necessite to adjust your dust boot and/or your dust boot shields.


Will this allow us a choice between a 65mm and 80mm router and choice of spindle?

I would be nice to have a bolt on option for both 65 and 80 for the bigger tougher job

Just a newbie asking questions……

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