Spindle and heavy duty z-slider upgrade now or wait?


I have the Woodworker/Buildbotics X-50.
I am waiting for the upgrade program to the Elite series.

I want to upgrade to a 220V spindle from PwnCNC in combination with the Heavy duty z-20 slider.

Is there any good reason to wait with the spindle/ z-slider upgrade until the Elite upgrade is available or shall I do that now?


Hey Tom,

it is not totally clear what will be mandatory part of the Upgrade to Elite, so what I would be concerned about, is if you buy the Z-20 Z assembly now, that it may also be a part of the Upgrade package.

Regarding the spindle itself, since it is not part of what Onefinity offers, you could buy it and get familiar with what is necessary to wire it up (VFD, spindle cable, etc.) so you are ready to use it earlier. Unfortunately the 80 mm spindle mount for standard series Z-16 Z assembly will not be re-usable on the Z-20 Z assembly.

Be aware that the drag chain that is offered with the Elite Series is not wide enough to hold everything if you want upgrade to a water-cooled spindle with its spindle cable, water hoses, possibly retrofitted limit switches etc. (See drag chain width calculation)


There’s a different set of cables for the Elite so you could save money and only buy the Elite setup from PwnCNC which you’ll have to wait to use. I see they also try to coordinate with Onefinity on the Elite shipment time, maybe they’ll do the same with the upgrade kits.

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