80mm spindle mount

of course, yeah they require that shape on the back in order to clear the z.

Im printing a slightly beefed up version and machining a metal one with it on the onefinity, or thats the plan… well see.

I have lost count of how many videos and pictures I have examined to try to see the back of the mount. From what you are saying, the portion of the router mount at the ball screw, projects back into that vertical rectangular opening on the z axis plate. I will come up with a new version that takes this into account. Thank you again.

Hello, is there any experiment / return of experience from the 3D printing of the design posted by @RogerRabbit (thanks Matt for the sharing) ?
Can it hold out by making a full print for rigidity, while waiting for the OF upgrade ?

oh this was never meant to be used while waiting for an upgrade. just as a place to start if you wanted to machine your own.

the print fit on the money and i made a metal one.
Im going to make some aluminum ones to sell.

Hoping to have them available by next month

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I may well be one of your clients. At least you give us visibility on your dates ! and that makes you a good point, others should be inspired by it :thinking:

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Hey All… We will be releasing the 80mm spindle mount in a few weeks. In fact, we plan on releasing a number of amazing products/accessories on our one year anniversary. Stay tuned… they are revolutionary! Talk soon…


Awesome News Mark… you’ve made everyone’s morning!



Awesome!! Can’t wait to see what Team Onefinity has come up with!


i guess they were inspired pretty quickly :rofl:

That said, i probably wont be making them if they are going to roll out theirs

Not mine, now I’ve got more money to spend!!

I am so impatient

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What is the 1 year anniversary date? Might be able to change up my order some before it ships in late June, probably July.

I suspect a number of us will be making a change or two to our orders. Glad I paid in advance so it’s not going to hurt when I pay for the new toys, I mean accessories.

That 80mm mount is such good news. For those of us who have purchased and are now on the cusp of receiving our shipping label notification, are we able to request that our shipment be delayed until the 80mm mount is shipping? I sure hope we don’t have to cancel and start over! To our friends at Onefinity, can you please let us know how to proceed?

Many thanks!

Hey Jim,

Please send a message to info@onefinitycnc.com and let them know your concerns and we’ll help you out. Thanks a lot and talk soon…


Thank you, Mark. Email sent.

Awesome…I just received my machine, so I can set it up with new toys. Great work team 1F!

Mark, thank you for the 80mm update; I’ll add my voice to the chorus of other grateful and excited guys out there with 80mm spindles waiting on their shelves :slight_smile:

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Hi David,
Thanks for reaching out to us.
We are not offering updates to orders until new products have been launched. Once these have been launched, these products will be able to be purchased from our website.

If there is anything else we can assist with, please let us know.
Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Onefinity Team
“One Machine Infinite Possibilities”

I did ask about the 80 mm mount on pending orders and this is there response. I think this means it will only be offered as an option?

My guess is it’ll be like the 10" monitor. Once they officially release it you’ll have to send them an email with your order number. It’s possible that it’ll cost more so there could be an extra charge so you’ll have to order it. Possibly two options, one to just order it for a machine you already have and a second option to order it as an upgrade for a machine on order yet not build.