A small variation on the dust collection arm!

Here is my new dust extraction arm and accessories for my Onefinity. The flexible arm is now patent pending and I am currently in the process of exploring how to scale up production and ultimately market and sell the arm. As I tested the arm through its many iterations, I realized that it was ultimately very useful in many hobbies and industries. I am currently making one to mount near the ceiling of my shop to use as a drop for vacuuming the floor. Anyway, what do you think?

Video link showing the arm in action and its user friendly design.


Absolutely Brilliant design and execution. How long did take to print all those parts… 400-500 hrs? You can out me on the list for one of your early customers… you tell me where the website and I’ll click “Buy” :metal:

What a great idea. Awesome Job!!


I am in , I see great potential and I love your connections on the suck-it end of things. with the vac . you clearly are running on all cylinders.

I totally dig it Eric - I agree with Alex!

Thanks for the feedback. It did take a significant amount of time to print. The individual links take about 14-16 hrs each to print and are glued together. Due to their shape and the limitations of 3D printing, it has to be 2 parts per link. I actually designed a “key way and Key” in each arm that get glued in also. This keyway feature serves to increase perimeters inside the arms for strength and increases glue surface area. I believe I have around 250 hrs into printing this arm. Honestly, I was thinking this arm was going to be a “one and done” deal that would live in my basement for me. When it was finished, however, I could see the value, utility, and in fact, the need for something like this.

The wall mount was mostly for looks more than function. I will simplify the wall mount for printing or injection molding. I am currently working on an adapter to connect my arm links to a PVC stub so there will be a “universal”, easy to get and easy to fit many needs.

The Z support and rotary fitting with O rings and magnets was an organic development that added value and convenience to the whole setup.

I would really like to find an injection molding company to produce these parts or to acquire the license to produce them as they wish. (Patenting is an expensive process and I would at least like to recover that expense).

Until then, I may offer the STL files via Etsy or eBay.

Again, thank you for the feedback and enthusiasm for the design. I really appreciate it.


Hey Eric,

I particularly liked the removable dust hose part in front of the milling motor. Is it part of your patent or or did you see it before somewhere else?

My patent is specifically for the arm links. There is some legal jargon that speaks about different end pieces but only as a protection from a different end requiring a new patent.

I was making and selling milling machine and metal lathe parts that used magnets. I have always been intrigued by magnetic connectors since I saw a Mac book with the magnetic power cord attachment. I liked how the dust boot was held in with magnets and thought I could incorporate that functionality into a quick attach hose connection.

I don’t recall previously seeing a dust hose quick attach like I made though I don’t doubt that magnetic vacuum attachment do exist. ( I hope I’m not stepping on any toes with these adapters).

If there is interest, I would make a kit containing:
Z bracket, swivel adapter, hose ends, dust shoe adapter, vacuum hose adapter, and laser mount.

Thanks again!


PWNCNC use magnetic connections in their dust boots. E.g. MagLock Round Adapter (2.5" OR 4.0" male) (Size: 2.5"). I think this is similar


They are in fact very similar. In light of this, I will not sell my mag design.

Thanks for pointing that out. I do not want to step on any toes.

You call, but unless he has it patented, it won’t be a problem.

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After careful consideration, I have decided to put together the above mentioned kit (not including the arm) and offer it via eBay.

Thanks again,


Yes, the design is awesome. However, before you spend a lot of money on a patent, I suggest you read a book " One simple Idea" by Stephen Kee. Even better, attend one of his seminars. The vast majority of patented ideas never make enough money to recover the patent costs and this book gives ideas on how to make money without getting a patent, while protecting yourself.

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Check out Fastcap.com they are an awesome website that a lot of the YouTube (like IzzySwan and others) have used very successfully to manufacture their ideas and then they get a lifetime royalty. Clearly you would make (or could lose) more if you do it all yourself… although I think its brilliant enough to be on make side. Buy you are right to create all the injection molds etc. you are probably close to $100K before your first one rolls off the line.

Then you have to worry about international patents as you know the moment you produce it, China will start knocking it off if its successful. Just something to think about. If you’ve never heard of FasttCap check them out, its a great business model and I own over 50 products that people like you have created and they produced over the years.

Good luck and no matter where you end up please share that link so we can join the "Cool Guy Club!!! :sunglasses:


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I remember reading a review about a magnetic coupling called Magport. So it seems like more than one company makes a product like it. I wouldn’t worry about stepping on toes since I would make the 90 degree bend also be the magnetic coupling. Or, just as easily you could make it twist to lock in place.

Yup, MagPort is one… and Izzy Swan has a design as well. Magnetic ports like mine and Eric’s is not a unique idea and there are so many variations.
Certainly not patentable at this point IMO.
I’ve chatted with Eric and he’s going to add a 6th magnetic… with the hopes of making this product compatible with mine… in the end our goal is the community wins.


This would work well for my setup which I am just starting to build for my Journeyman which will be here in a few weeks. I like the magnetic coupling as I use it in my shop now for many of my tools in both 4 and 2-1/2 inch sizes.

Is there a anticipated availability date for this system?

I ordered the Suck It Pro/PwnCNC dust boot combo from Onefinity but to fill that gap between the CNC and tying into my dust collection system this looks like it will do the job nicely.

"If there is interest, I would make a kit containing:
Z bracket, swivel adapter, hose ends, dust shoe adapter, vacuum hose adapter, and laser mount."

Definitely interested, where can I get it? I didn’t see how this works with a laser in the YT video, maybe I missed it. I have a laser coming with my CNC and managing the smoke is something I need to do.

Thank you for all of the interest and suggestions! I am currently trying to source a method of producing these that keeps the price affordable and does not result in an instant bottleneck and backlog. Also, I am redesigning my magnetic connectors to match the already proven PWNCNC design. Long story short, I should have an answer by mid next week (hopefully) regarding availability.

Once I get the magnetic adapter redesigned, I will start with the Z kit as mentioned above.

Thank you


That looks great please post when you start selling them.
Thanks Jim

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I have 2 sets of the QDZ (quick disconnect z axis) MagnaVac sets printed and one arm, however, I am still waiting on an amazon delivery to complete everything. I will keep updating…


One QDZ Z axis quick disconnect dust extraction kit has been posted on eBay. I’m waiting until a 38 hr print is done before I post a complete arm and kit.

Kindest regards and have a great weekend!