Ability to save tool settings for laser and spindle

It would help if you could save the tool configuration - spindle or laser and just select between those, when i have to change settings, i sometimes forget something.

even a favorite button to put those as a external list or select radio buttons.


Second this nomination.

I agree, this would be nice to quickly switch between profiles. As a “current” work around though, you can create a backup of the configuration, and load those backups. So one could configure the system for milling, backup, and save that as the milling profile. Then do the same for laser.

Obviously this requires reloading configurations for each profile change, but it at least ensures the correct settings are loaded for each.

I agree a quick button on the screen to select laser and have it automatically configured and another one for spindle.

i do use these for that, and it works better for the connected by wifi. the files stay on my laptop and load. still wish i had a switch between on the screen on my say fav list.