Saving MDI commands permanently for fast access

Can you save mdi commands permanently into memory somehow? When choosing the laser tool (111) or powering the laser on low to calibrate (ms3___), I need to retype each command after every startup.

You could write some simple programs and save them to memory I guess. Depending on the command, it may be faster to simply key it in than to browse for the file and run it. I find using a keyboard (which I do while controlling the machine over a network connection) very handy for speeding up MDI entries.

Hi Captain, I’m not aware of any way to save directly from the MDI. You could open a text editor like notepad in windows, enter the g-code that you’ve been entering in the MDI and save the file as .txt Then double click the file like you’re going to change the name but change the file extension instead from .txt to .nc or whatever file extension you’re using. Windows will give you a warning about changing the file extension, click ok to save it anyway. Now you can tranfer and open the file on your machine. If you want to edit the file in windows right click it and chose “open with” and choose “notepad” from the list.

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For tool 111 you should update the laser post processor to include the m6t111 command. For the spindle, if you hit the spindle button, there’s a blank box next to it, and you enter rpms there

Step 4 is how to update lightburns post processor.

Here you can see the spindle control being utilized. I haven’t tried it, but you could try playing with numbers in that box to see if it effects the laser

Thanks for the replies. I was hoping for a solution that remembers a saved entry similar to the previously entered box during the same session. It’s good to know that specifically is prob not possible. But I appreciate these other ideas… there may some opportunities to customize my experience in the future.

I think I’ll add this to my list of feature requests for Masso.

Hey Captain,

the current controller offers macros. But I don’t know if Onefinity will backport it.

But for the laser commands I would second @ChrisS and implement this in the post processor.