Access over SSH

What is the l/p for ssh?

@ScottC - IP or UID/PSWD? IP is dependent on your LAN.


login and password. “l/p” is what we used to use in the Way Back time of BBS’s and such.

I haven’t seen any details on that, or if port 22 is open.

(I guess I’ve purged all by BBS language - though I still have those modem tones ringing through my head ;))

User name is displayed in the config screens. (default for buildbotics controllers.) Password is onefinity. This is changeable but not sure the implications.

I use Putty to SSH into my RPIs using Port 22. I imagine it would work for the OF controller if you have the correct IP and credentials.

It does… Was playing on there yesterday.

I got connected and installed a VNC server. It doesn’t appear to have any kind of desktop installed though, as all I got was a gray screen.

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Hmmm, this opens some doors. I suspect the RPI is configured kiosk mode to open the browser for the touch screen.

Username: bbmc
Password: onefinity