Accidentally turned one of the Y axis screws - do I have to re sync?

One of those plastic bushings on the Y axis screws (the white bushings at the back end of them where they rotate in the foot of the machine) backed out down the screw so I had to get it back where it is supposed to go and re-tighten the little set screw in the bushing. While doing that I rotated that side’s screw a few turns. Is there an official way to re-sync the ball screws in the Y axis?

I don’t know if it’s the official way but you should be able to just use the gamepad and drive the Y axis into the front stops of the machine (with it being un-homed). It’ll make some noise but don’t worry, you’re not breaking anything.

I’d just leave power off the machine and manually push the X-axis all the way back and then pull it all the way forward just like you did during setup of your machine.

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