Add a "Check Size" button

Picture this…

You’ve got your stock secured to the wasteboard, gcode loaded, and you’re ready to pull the trigger on that play button…

But WAIT! Did I put the right sized stock on?? Am I sure that I scaled my file correctly to fit the size stock I have?? Is the stock square to my machine’s X and Y axis?!? My gantry is in the way of me accurately measuring my workpiece!

Ohhhhh but wait! I have the “Check Size” button! I’ll press that and (after pushing Z up by 1 or 2mm) the machine will automatically move away from the home location along the X,Y limits of the file I want to carve and trace a box around the whole outer limits of the file! (Also will compensate for bit size and trace the limits on the edge of the cut)

How neat is that?? That’s pretty neat!

Cheers ya’ll!


My Vinyl cutter software has this feature…

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My Boss laser does this. It really does help

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That would be a good feature.

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Yes, a “Frame” function common to lasers would be a great feature.

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Checking to see if this has ever been implemented. Using Open Builds Control software on my XCarve and this is a very handy feature.


Agreed. OpenBuilds Control has some decent built-in tools, like outlining the project among others.

Yep, Openbuilds is where I got the idea. Hasn’t been implemented. They’re slow to adding additional features.

FYI, some version of this has been requested several times already. See here for example:
Gcode tester on the controller - Onefinity CNC Machines / How To - Onefinity Forum

Let’s keep pushing the idea.


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