Air cooled spindle?

Hey there. Yeah ive got the journeyman. Your timing was good. Today is the 1st day i had it down since last fall. I do decks for a living and it was a busy year.

So yes I hoisted my OF up. I used 3 5/8 Fastenmaster wide head bolts into hoist brackets. I too was afraid of it just hanging so i added angle aluminum on either side of hoist brackets. I cut holes to fit heavy ratchet straps as a fail safe. It works very well. I just need to redesign the leg system.


Thanks for the response! I think I’m going to weigh the table itself to get an accurate weight, then add 150lbs for the journeyman. I have it all taken apart because I’m waiting for the elite upgrades before putting it all together again. I’m fairly confident that the joists overhead will safely hold the weight. If it does weigh too much I will rethink purchasing the QCW because it only weighs, I think, 45 lbs. Then I can get rid of the square tube frame. That’s unfortunate though, because the frame I welded from 2x1 square tubing is super flat and VERY rigid. It would be a shame to not be able to use it. I’m also going to add a fail safe system to prevent it from falling on my noggin!


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I was going to mention the tubing frame is likely great, but heavy. I am also thinking about the qcw and folding legs/wheeled. Lower it, roll it wherever, use it.



Hi Edward I have purchased the same spindle as yours after seeing this, I have a question if I may, I can not thread on the collet nut when I insert a 1/4 in bit, I also barley can insert the bit, can you tell me please what you did?

Hey Greg,

  1. If it is a collet for 6 mm, you cannot use it for a 6.35 mm (=1/4") bit shank. You can ruin your collet this way. See here for explanation.
  1. Many beginners mount the ER collet nut by first inserting the bit and the collet, and then they put the collet nut over it and try to screw it down, like they are used to from their router. That is definetely wrong! You got to know this about how ER collets and their collet nuts work.

ty so much, I will try it out but it makes so much sense…

After having done much searching, I found that the GSt1.5-65-24K is two pole. The information came from a German website. ZEETEQ XR S15_Datenblatt.pdf (

I hope the link works and is not too late to be of use

After much searching, I found that the GST1.5-65-24K is 2 pole, as would be expected. This information came from a German website, as follows:-

ZEETEQ XR S15_Datenblatt.pdf (

I hope the link works and that the information provided is not too late to be of use to you.

I am running a spindle from CNCDepot on an Elite Foreman. It is 2.2 Kw, ISO-30, Automatic tool changer and designed for industry.

Not cheap, but it is beefy. I have one video out and about to release another… nope not trying to sell anything.