Alarm Home Error and X motor alarm

Every time I Home My Elite Journeyman I get a Alarm Homing error and a X Motor Alarm. Both boxes are red. How do I correct this. Thank you

You should provide more info here. Does the X axis move at all before displaying the error?

Yes the X Axis moves but once it gets to the home the X Motor Alarm comes on.

Has it ever worked since you bought it?
Sounds like a cable issue.
Maybe the motors power supply is inverted.

Seems like the homing sensor might no give the signal to the Masso. When the motor hits the upper limit of travel it will give an Alarm. So either a faulty sensor, cable issue or something with the masso settings. I think Onefinity customer service should be able to help.

Thank You Sometimes it works perfectly. I’ll check my connections. Is there a way to clear the alarm?