Any Chance of Amazon Payment In Future?

Any thought given to accepting payment via Amazon? Not listing there, just the payment. I have many, many Amazon points that the wife wouldn’t notice going towards a CNC. :grinning:


Buy something that you can resell or maybe you have a friend who wants something off Amazon. Buy it with your points and they give you cash. :slight_smile:


There is no hiding the true cost :smile:

Ok, what are Amazon points and how do I start collecting them.

Hey David,

it’s an example of Customer retention.

See also Criticism of Amazon

Thank you,
So it is a cash back program if you use there credit card and you are a prime member? The second link does not work .


Hey David,

thank you for reporting the broken link! Fixed it.

For your first question I’m sure that the original poster is best able to answer.

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If you have an Amazon credit card you get points for every purchase; more if you buy from Amazon. Each year I accumulate more than $1,000 in Amazon points, but I can only use them on Amazon or places that allow Amazon for payments.

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Hey Ken,

if a cnc router is what you want you better accumulated Onefinity Points then

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I haven’t seen anything about OneFinity Points. How does one accumulate them?

Hey Ken,

this was a joke :slight_smile:

What I meant is if you participate in a customer retention system, be sure it’s a merchant that has the things you want

Well, they do have most things I want. Nobody has EVERYTHING I want. Some vendors do allow for payments via Amazon Pay even if you’re not buying from Amazon. I get that you may not like Amazon, but no need to take a dump on my thread.

Hey Ken,

then you got me wrong. I was just joking.

But seriously, amazon in fact did not make a present consisting of $1000 to you. If it was, then you would be able to get it disbursed to you and you would be able to buy something somewhere else, e.g. the Onefinity. In fact they gave you nothing, except letting you pay more for every item you bought there for one year, and then they let you believe they gave you a coupon over $1000. In real you already paid these $1000 to them.

Yes, but they pay amazon for it and their advantage is to have more buyers.

Sigh. Your posts come off as smug and patronizing. Your first post in this thread was telling another poster not how Amazon points work, but by pointing out the evils of Amazon according to Wikipedia. Has Amazon done something to you personally or has something else spawned your Amazon vendetta? Thank heavens you are here to educate the rest of us. :roll_eyes:

Hey Ken,

I have no reason not to take you or your concern seriously.

Unfortunately, your concern is one for which there are not many possible solutions. I think the only consideration is what Bob said:

I don’t think there is much else that can be written about your concern.

Yes this can be misunderstood sometimes.

I was just answering what David was asking.

I believe who know me don’t think that way about me. Maybe you just don’t know me. Or I hit a nerve.

A completely different subject: Do you really hide your investments (or their real costs) from your partner?

With respect to your question, I believe the cost per transaction that Onefinity would have to pay Amazon, which I think is about double (3%) what major CC companies charge, would make it less worth their while. Maybe if Amazon’s financial services become even more popular, then smaller companies might buy in to it to increase revenue and exposure. I think Onefinity is able to, and happy, to save the fees at this point.

Who knows, perhaps Onefinity will offer their own ‘loyalty’ type program in the future. Having said that, they almost already are with their ‘Infinite Possibilities’ program.


Yeah, I figure it’s something like that. Appreciate the response and I’ll look into Infinite Possibilities.

Have a great day Aiph5u.

If it’s an amazon credit card, redeem the points for cash back (in the form of a check, direct deposit, or credit back to the card) instead of using the points on amazon. Then you can apply the cash received towards a Onefinity.

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