Asus compatible monitor issues

If anyone is using the asus touchscreen minoitor that is compatible with the 1F, would you please tell me how managed to get the touch portion working. The monitor doesn’t have a usb C port for the cable to enable touch. Thanks…

What model number are your looking at?

It is the asus VT229H

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I believe you need to swap in a USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 cable to use it, the one that ships with the Onefinity is USB 2.0 to USB C

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The monitor has the usb - b connector ( the square block ). So i assume i need a usb-b to c cable then?

On the Onefinity controller end (Raspberry PI) it should be a USB 2.0 type A connector, not USB-C

Yes, i’m sorry you are correct. Thank you.