Backordered equals lost customer (solved - used desktop computer instead of mobile)

I was ready to go through with my purchase but the website says they’re backordered and won’t let me add to cart. The website also needs work and could be improved greatly with little effort. I’m pretty upset and this company JUST LOST A CUSTOMER. so I guess I’m just going with a different brand. Guys need to step up your game

Did you go to the Canadian or American website to order?

if you’ve used the .ca site, there’s a popup stating we no longer use that site as you get a better deal using the .com site because of the conversion.
please order from

I haven’t gone in the Canadian site. Only the USA site and this is where I’m getting the backordered. Your link posted in this comment is the exact one I’m going to. Makes no difference or link doesn’t work.

you’re clicking the ‘onefinity customizable’ ‘add to cart’ button?

Also would be ok with waiting 12 weeks for my order to ship in just not very happy about not even being able to place an order.

I just tried it, and it allowed me to customize and view cart - did you get that far?

I click on the add to cart under onefinity(customizable) and nothing happens.

I’m trying on my mobile, that may be the problem. I’m going to try on my desktop in a couple of minutes when I get home.

Please do. I think you will find the products and customer service to be exceptional. Be patient, it is a small team who are working hard to meet the diverse needs of their growing customer base.

Great, let us know what happens.

I was just now able to customize and add to my cart on my cell phone. I already have the machine and can speak highly of Onefinity’s engagement in this forum, customer service responsiveness and absolutely beast of a machine build. Good luck with getting that straightened out!

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Ok it seems the problem here is my cell phone, I tried placing other items/accessories on the site in my cart but same thing and nothing happens. So I logged in on my computer and now I am able to add it to my cart and I am able to go all the way up to check out.


Glad you go it working!