How back ordered?

Hi! I am looking at ordering a machine in the next couple days. The ad said all machines are on back order. What are we looking at from order to delivery?

Current orders (2/1/21) will ship in May.

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Is the card charge when order is placed or would it be in may prior to shipping. 2k is a lot of money for some of us to put up without any output for 4 months.

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you’re charged at time of order.

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Thanks for the awesome speedy response.


Thank you for the response. I understand due to the present covid 19 outbreak things have been slowed up. problem in I need a machine ASAP and waiting till May is a deal breaker. Maybe if I need one next year I will try your product. Thank you

I’d keep an eye on the for sale part of the forum I have seen people selling their onefinity machines on there.