Bit care question

Can i use Aceatone to clean the bit? starting to get a build up on the bit of tape. Im not digging in my bed but its close enough to pick up sticky-ness from the 2 sided tape holding it down. starting to cause issues probing

I don’t see why acetone would not work but I use a product I get thru my work called OilFlo-141 that I purchase thru Amazon. It works awesome on adhesive removal.

I used regular 3-in-1 oil and it works fine as well.


I just did not want to mess up the coating or whatever is on the bit. (bitsbits) I have acetone on hand.

Would you use 100% acetone or would nail polish remover work?

I’ve always used wd-40 & an old toothbrush to clean my router bits. Even when using templates on the router table, a little sticky residue from the double sided tape finds its way onto the bits. Good old wd-40 or even goo gone removes all the sticky gunk nicely.

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