Box Joints and Dovetails

Look at the first 2 pictures of my post - that’s how my table is set up when I’m not doing dovetails. I lay the hinged board on top of my spoilboard (sticking the vertical section “down the hole”) when I want to hold something vertical. So the hinged part comes completely off the table when I’m not using it.

Hey Michael, hey Greg,

it took me a while to understand how it’s made. At first sight you don’t recognize that you not only add a vertical part but the whole thing also consists of a a second horizontal wasteboard on top of the original fixed one. And the hinge is just for storing, is it?

The hinge holds up the vertical piece so it doesn’t fall down. The horizontal piece gets clamped down to provide stability - and I set it square through the 2 reference blocks.

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Hi. Dakotah Konicek made an opening parallel to the Y axis instead of the X. I suppose this would work. You can find it on top of the “Show us your vertical clamping methods” topic. Let us know what solution you opted for.

Hi Mr storm I am praying you will help me sir I have also the jointcam software I believe under the configuration settings I’m not entering the correct things that I need will you mind sending me a picture of yours so I could copy them I appreciate it sir