Anyone using joint cam software?

Hi Folks-

I’m looking at joint cam and wondered if anyone has tried it? I have some thoughts on table modification to accommodate vertical placement and would like to add to the versatility of this machine. I realize that vcarve pro has a gadget, but I just can’t live with the filets.
If there are any users, I’m curious about which g-code file extension you may be using and/or if any incompatibility issues with the 1F controller.


I can’t help but I am interested in jointing. Difficult to find a mortise/tenon . I may have to try my own in F360

It appears joint cam has mortise and tenon option as well. At least that’s noted in the description…”dovetails, box joints and mortise and tenon”.

Andy, I got the joint cam software and really like it. I was a bit confused initially as I set mine up in a cut-out parallel to the y axis. In retrospect, I would have preferred bringing it over the front edge of the bed for the tail cuts. If you should get it I have the setup.ini for the software config. tool changes. It’s very good software in my opinion and especially useful to cut both pins and tails in one run as well as multiples individually. Pretty wild cutting half-blinds in 3/16" thick stock and mating perfectly.


I will give it a go after the summer break. I’ll ping you for the ini file once I’m set up. Thank you for the offer.

Front Edge tail cuts sound sensible.

Would you mind posting a picture of your setup for inspiration?

Have you tried mortise and tenon yet?

Hi Andy,

This is my setup, pretty much a copy from Jeff at “Against The Grain”, with the exception of an additional clamp on tracks for wider boards. I will probably kant the rails over the front edge of the bed for a better setup and ability to cut both pieces at one pass. I tried posting more pics, but too large for the server.



Took the better part of 95 seconds for both cuts.


Looks great and using a Makita. I can understand why you went y-axis