Broken bit - Breakout board issue

Anyone else had or having this issue?
So, I was making some simple Halloween lanterns and broke my first bit, an 1/8" bit.
Not because I forgot to turn the router on or I made some other mistake.
But because the breakout board or the parallel port has some issue.
It has been running for weeks without issue.
Video of issue, running without a bit.

Note: I have already verified the wire connections from the breakout board to the ioT relay. Thumbscrews for the breakout board are tight too.
There is nothing pushing up on the breakout board or sideways.
**Plexi cover on controller is how I solved the Wi-fi issues I was having.

Thank you Aiph5u - definitely pointed me in the right direction.
I measured one of the parallel port standoffs included in the package and it was .182 (4.6mm). Then I measured one of the standoffs that came with the OF controller @ .190 (4.8mm). Not really what I would call a significant difference (in the real world), since the other stand off in the package measured .192 (4.88mm).
I filed the other standoff in the package down to constantly measure .182 and reinstalled everything.
So far so good.
Will see in the next few weeks if I need to go deeper and re-solder the parallel port connections.

Oct 28th Update: Still working well!

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Hey Sawdustmaker,

this seems to be the issue with the breakout board adapter which was reported here, but it could also be the issue where a user reported the problem (which persisted) was with the DB-25 connector soldered into Onefinity Controller Mainboard, and where the problem was resolved by resoldering the solder joints on DB-25 connector pins on Mainboard :frowning:.