Buildbotics 1.3 Freezes (solved)

After running a surfacing file a couple times and probing z after each time, the screen freezes. I can scroll but nothing works. I got the attached error but I wasn’t jogging the machine. It just froze. Any ideas?

I have used firmware versions 1.0.9, 1.1.1, 1.2.1, and 1.3 beta 4, and now the final released version of 1.3. I never had a single issue with any of the earlier versions of firmware, but the released version of 1.3 has had several issues for me. A frozen screen is one of them. I have reported this to OF. I have been able to restore work by clicking on the x in the tab at the top of the screen. It’s the only item on the screen that still works. Then the screen reloads and I can start over on my project. I haven’t figured out what causes the screen freezes. They seem random. I even used a new microSD card with a new install of 1.3 (had been using an upgrade to 1.3 before), but the problem still occurs. I’m open to any ideas.

Hey Craig,

cannot enter jogging cycle is your friend (we have a search function here) :slight_smile:!

FYI I have had exactly this problem several times.
So, will upgrading the Pi board to version 4 fix this?
Is it possible to upgrade the hardware and will it physically fit?
Will version 2.0 of the software be required if doing the hardware update ?

I tried finding that before I posted but no real results n the search.

Definity not. p4 is not supported and will not work at all.

Answer has been on the forums for a long time, use the search:

cannot enter jogging cycle is your friend (we have a search function here) :slight_smile:!

Hey Craig, hey @Avbates, hey all,

you may want to know more about how the CNC Controller works internally:

Does it correspond to this bug? If so, it isn’t fixed since Sep 30, 2020 neither on the CNC Controller

But searching for “cannot enter jogging cycle” leads to the above Support Answer in the first hit of search results

In my mind the issue was Buildbotics froze :slight_smile: That yielded no useful results.

Hi OF support. The way I read the linked post is an explanation of the problem and a ‘sort of” work around, it is not a fix for a known problem.

No. Buildbotics has not fixed the issue, as was pointed out with the open GitHub request. No idea when or if they will ever fix the issue.

Hey Craig,

as a programmer, I can tell you that even though most users generally don’t know what to do with computer error messages as they read like chinese to them, the programmer has written them and programmed carefully this way, with the intention to tell the operator (or the programmer if called for help) what is going on and where the error occurred in the program (however, this does not apply to Microsoft products :slight_smile:, where you are fucked up by its error messages).

Anyway, it’s generally good to report the exact wording of error messages when reporting bugs, or when entering them into a search engine. :wink: