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Can anyone tell me or point to some doc that shows which codes are not implemented for the BuildBotics controller?

Hey Dave,

you can see those which are implemented on your controller’s user interface at http://onefinity.local/#cheat-sheet :

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So G10 L2 is not honored, :frowning:

I was looking for a way to account for a slight skew of my stock on the spoil board. Shaper Origin has a nice feature where you probe two locations along the. X and one on the Y to set the origin and account for any skew. Looking at the G codes it looks like G10 L2 could be used similarly to rotate around the Z since I can calculate the skew using probing in a similar fashion.

“G10 L2 (P R)” is mentioned as supported under “Coordinate Systems, Offsets & Planes” on this page.

Remember, the pages on the buildbotics-derived controller are web pages so are sort of endless and need to be scrolled.

You may also click on “Show unsupported codes” on the bottom of the page

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Thanks, I never noticed that!