Busted water line - Oh $#!t advice needed (not CNC specific)

It rained in my shop yesterday evening (water line busted) and now many of my stationary tools tables are rusted. Insurance will cover replacement. My question, is it worth keeping them and scotchbrite etc. the rust off of them or not. I know it will be a good bit of work, I’ve never dealt with an entire table rusted and don’t know it it’s worth the effort.


Surface rust is one thing; if the water got into bearings and other internal moving components, that’s something else. FYI, other than scotchbrite and other mechanical rust removal methods, you may want to research electrolysis methods for removing rust. A washing soda solution and a car battery charger can work wonders.

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Thank you, I had not thought about the water getting into any bearings. I worked at a B&D repair center MANY year ago and have seen that too many times. Definitely nudged my decision of a few of them