Fire Safety in workshop

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I am new to the Forum, and last week received my Onefinity Woodworker, including stand and QCW frame.
Really excited to get started, but thought I would just ask a question on shop safety. (I couldnt find any info on the forum?)

Does anyone have a dedicated fire extinguisher on hand incase anyhing goes South? And if so, which type? I read on some other CNC forums that the ABC class (the powder stuff) isnt great for small rooms and might be corrosive to machine and parts. Is a Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher the way to go?

I plan on milling mostly wood and soft aluminium.


Yes, but it’s availability predates my cnc. Good idea to always have one readily accessible in a shop space.


I have one of these. I keep it in the shack with all my radio gear as it will not damage electronics like a dry chemical extinguisher will. Not cheap but nothing about a fire is cheap. I want to get more for all my cars and trucks.

I first heard of it while watching an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

They can be used in many places and it has a longer discharge time
of 50 seconds. Almost 4x that of your typical ABC or BC extinguishers.

A test of the Element by a Fire Department.

Thee is also the First Alert Tundra extinguisher which is a the size of an aerosol paint can. They are inexpensive but it would not be my first choice.

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Those are awesome, too bad they are so expensive. $79.99 for the 50-Second and $119.99 for the 100-Second. I already have a plethora of standard extinguishers and at that price (while very cool) I’ll stick with the old standard.

Thanks for sharing that though!!



Yeah they are pricey and probably a better fit for a vehicle than a shop. But they are safe around electronics.

If you pump a bunch of that dry chemical into your controller or PC then it’s probably ready for the junk heap. So which is cheaper in the long run a new PC or controller or $80 for a fire extinguisher. Like I said I have only one right now in my radio shack but that’s because there is over $10K of radio gear and PCs in there and putting out a fire with a conventional extinguisher would make a complete mess.

The Element seemed like a good move for that situation.


Hi Everyone

Thank you for the informative tips.
I agree with Bob_D about the price. If I have to go and buy a fire extinguisher anyway, I might as well pick up one of these Element Fire Extinguishers, and not worry about pressure, maintenance or foam messing up my whole hobby room.

For people abroad, I saw that there is also a Swiss company selling a similar product:

There might be a british one as well, but I could not find the link, whilst writing here.

Thanks for the inputs!

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