FInally all up and running (new Woodworker)

I finished setting up my Woodworker today minus a few finishing touches with the wiring, some fine tuning/alignment with the vertical spoil board, and eventually the JTech Laser install. I’m pretty stoked to finally have a CNC after getting introduced to the CNC world by a friend about two years ago.

The table is setup for a 32"X by 28"Y horizontal cutting area and a 4"Y vertical cutting area with a 28" by 28" vertical spoil board. The vertical table will mainly be used for joinery (or at least that’s the idea). The spindle/VFD is the Huanyang 220v 2.2kw water cooled setup with a 110v Danner mag drive water pump. The dust collector is the plywood enclosure to the left of the machine. It’s a 1hp Harbor Freight DC that’s sucking chips through a 4" Dust Deputy. The air runs through the separator, through the DC 3 micron bag (in the enclosure), runs by the motor for cooling, then down through some baffles and out the bottom of the enclosure. The DC enclosure and the spindle make for a very quiet setup. Drag chains are from Amazon and brackets from Route 1. They sure make for a clean setup vs having wires and hoses running everywhere.

All in all, very happy with the Onefinity so far. I’ve had VCarve Pro for a while now so I’ve gotten fairly proficient at the designing aspect. I’m looking forward to being able to learn the actual CAM processes now. I definitely would have had a much harder time getting this thing up and running if it weren’t for this (and other forums). What an amazing resource!


Very nice. I like the vertical space up front. I want to figure out a
way to do that with mine which I will begin building soon.

I see your fire extinguisher is now partially blocked by the CNC.

It might be worth finding a more accessible location for it just in
case the source of your fire IS the CNC and you can’t get to the
fire extinguisher.

A friend of mine came in my shop a couple years ago and noticed
I had done the same thing blocking my fire extinguisher behind a
rolling toolbox. I found a new home for it next to the entry door to
the shop.

Josh, I would like to second the fire extinguisher placement. Having done some bonehead things, profiling a 1 1/2 hole without tabs, I can tell you things get to smoking very quickly. Had a burn mark in the waste board for sometime to remind me how dumb that was. Keep it close and the ESD button.
Nice build by the way, I would like to try some edge joints some day, great idea.

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Looks really solid and you’ve gotta love the vert panel capability! I’m green…

Thanks for the comments about the extinguisher. I’ll look for a better place but I want to keep it close to the garage door.

I had a chance to run a quick half-blind dovetail test and it came out fairly decent. I need to fine tune a bit (software settings) to tighten things up. I think this setup will alleviate a lot of the frustrations that I have with my regular dovetail jig and allow for more precise repeatability. This was just some beat up scrap wood I had laying around so ignore the missing chunk of wood in the picture. This was literally my first attempt and I didn’t want to waste decent wood.


How many I chase do you lose with the vertical clamps and do you have any photos of how you use the dog holes for clamping?

I have the vertical set up for about 4 inches max in Y-axis and 28 inches in the X-axis. That leaves me with 28 inches in Y-axis for the regular horizontal table. Most of the stock I work with is 3/4" to 2" thick so the 4 inch vertical capability should be plenty for me.

I use the dog holes for alignment only and the t-track for clamping. I put regular bench dogs into the holes so I will be able to repeatably put stock pieces into place without having to re-zero the X,Y, and Z for each piece. Work flow is like this:

  1. Insert bench dogs
  2. Place and clamp the first piece of wood.
  3. Zero X, Y, and Z on the first piece.
  4. Run cutting file
  5. Remove first wood piece and replace with exact same size piece of wood
  6. Run cutting file on second wood piece (no zero required)
  7. Repeat until batch is complete.

For example, with dovetails, I can run X number of pin boards and then swap files and position to run all the tail boards. I haven’t actually got the that point that I’m doing this yet, but that is the plan/intent of having the table set up this way.

Edit: The wood piece in the picture is just a scrap piece and not something I would try to cut the dovetails into :rofl: