The floor is ready

I know this does not look like much. For me it is the result of three days hard labor. Tearing out two old machines and worse than that emptying and removing shelving. But I hope it is the begin of a new learning path for me.


Believe me when I say that you will be on a new and rewarding learning path. And learning the hard way is unpreventable as well as being the most effective way to master this extremely fun skill. Good luck on your adventure.


I am so impressed with your honest heart felt responses. I really do appreciate the time it takes to share your knowledge.
Thank you so much

just for fun


looking great Dave! Shouldnt take long to get up to speed.

Today I start working on running my dust collection lines and compressed airline.
Slow and steady because fast got up and ran away a few years back.

Good job, one of my favorite subjects :grinning:

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Well, I am getting closer to ready, dust collection done, compressed air done, 220 volt spindle ,cooling radiator,mouse,surfacing bit, connector for drag chain, new gaming laptop,V-carve pro, all have arrived.
Now the learning curve steepens. I will get the new laptop up and running and start to understand the V-carve pro software.
My 2k cnc is becoming a 4K masterpiece. The support systems for any cnc sure do add up but I do not regret it. I am so thankful that i selected OneFinity Woodworker!


How appropriate, that vac hose just tied in a knot and waiting! LOL