Rust appears on top Y Axis

I have started seeing us on the top y rails only on both sides. It appears when the Z axis moves back and forth. The rails are spotless so the rust is coming from the sliders on both sides. Maintenance has been regular. Any ideas why and what to do. I keep the rails oiled to try and stop the rust.

How about the humidity of the area your machine is kept?

Florida is humid. But why only the top two rails and not the others. What inside the slider housing would rust?

I am in South Florida, and keep my WoodWorker in my garage. It is as hot and humid as it can get, I have not seen any rust on mine yet (but I just rcvd it in March).

Thanks for getting back to me. I have the same setup, in garage. Just passed it’s first birthday. First issue I’ve ever had.

I’m just east of you in Navarre. I’ve had my Onefinity in the garage since October and no issues. Any odd noises, grinding, etc that might indicate a dry bearing?

Josh, thanks for the feedback. No noise whatsoever. Works like a charm. Wonder if there is a way to open the slider for review. If it was the screw drive it would make sense, but only the top rails,