Cable Protector

Hi All

I’ve managed to design this in fusion after a great deal of experimenting, anyway the one thing I can’t do is put 4 x 6mm fixing holes with a 12mm counterbore.

No matter what I try to figure out how to do it I can’t

Any chance someone out there can help me


Can you share the file with a downloadable link?

I’m hoping that as attached the file below

Rail Protector.f3d (116.4 KB)

Use the hole tool to make a 12mm hole through the entire block then extrude the area that you want to only have 6mm hole.

If you’re trying to draw them on the curved surface and extrude them it won’t work, either draw them on the flat part and extrude out using the “start at” parameter or I’d suggest an offset plane at the bottom of the counter bore, draw your 2 circles on it, extrude the larger one way and the smaller the other way. You can also use an offset plane above the part, draw the circles and extrude different depths. Many ways to skin a cat here.

Did someone ask me where I wanted the holes,

I wanted 4off 6mm holes with a 12.5mm counterbore which would stop about 5mm from the base

Thanks in advance


You can’t extrude a construction line, change your line type. Not sure if that’s the only issue you’re having but it’s “an issue” :wink:

no I just added those because someone asked me where I wanted the holes and I ewanted to show the locations.


Like this

Ah ok. Draw both of your circles concentric of the correct diameters. Extrude the smaller one all the way through the part. For the larger one when you extrude it change the “Start” value to “Offset” and then enter a value like 10mm in the “offset” field (adjust 10mm to whatever value works best), then drag it out to cut through the remainder of the part.

I’ve got this far , but when I try to extrude the arrow is point in the wrong direction

Change “start” to “offset” and use angle slider to make it perpendicular to the sketch plane. I don’t have access to Fusion right now so I can’t give you a better screen shot.

Select the profiles you want to make cuts with, then change the “operation” to “cut”. That should get you going :+1:t3:

Nice! Is this what you needed?

I need the small holes to go through the base and the large holes go through to about 6mm from the base.

I’ve been messing around with this for hours now and still cant figure out what I’m doing wrong

Well after a lot of help from some great people on here.

Thanks you all , especially Derek


That’s awesome I went for the cheapest version a 90° PVC pipe fittings


Very practical of you, lol

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