Can I make Fusion 360 post processor replicate Aspire PP


Ive been using Aspire for years now and its post processor works great with the OF. Every now and again though I want to cnc something more functional that ive designed in 360.

I was a little shocked when I did my first OF run from a fusion 360 file that it didn’t do the same pause before starting to confirm tool is up to speed etc.

Its not a huge issue but if possible id like to edit my Fusion 360 post processor to replicate exactly how the PP works coming out of aspire. Is this possible? Just prefer as few differences between software when it meets the machine as possible as its just another possible error I can make.

Hi David - search for the community post processor for Fusion - I think it does what you are looking for.


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ah awesome so there is a community made PP. Brilliant ill have a look. I just found the OF one and stopped looking. Thanks so much for the help

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