Can only jog with gamepad

I just finished one part of a carve and would like to move back to my xy origin but for some reason it will not obey my command. I can only jog the 1f with my gamepad at this moment. I don’t want to loose my x y origin as I have a second half and needs to be exactly where I left off… am I missing something?

Also, I can’t Home, or Zero anything they are grayed out… Idk what that is indicative of either…

I just found some posts, looks like it is stuck in jog mode. I understand I have to pause and give the machine a minute before doing anything else but this was after the job was completed.
I am brand new to this particular machine so am working my around some the bugs and quirks.

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It seems be stuck in jog mode because somehow you jogged it left and north of xy0 by .42 and 9.914 respectively, as is indicated by the position it stopped at. If you zeroed out your xy position before you ran the toolpath, all you had to was hit xy0 on the keyboard to get it back to your xy origin. However, the offset reading is your xy0 position from home. The absolute reading is where you presently are in relation to home. Your position reading is where you are in relation to xy0.

If you restart and rehome and jog it back to the offset readings, you will be at your original xy0. It may take a little doing to get it exact or close enough, but that is the only way I know how to get it back on track.