Can you guess what it is…

Made this out of scrap MDF to stop an annoyance in the bedroom! seeing as the UK is having a mini heatwave :sunglasses:

Can you guess what it is…….

I will post the answer tomorrow

A rectangular bit of scrap MDF with holes in it :wink:


Close, that was what the first attempt was! :rofl:

Hmm…A device to keep something furry/feathery in or out, to be affixed to an open window?

Well @Matticustard you must have come across a similar issue spot on, it’s to stop the cat using the bedroom as a rat run at night through 1 window and out the other


Lol. I’m genuinely surprised I was right. I had a number of thoughts, but the heatwave comment was a big clue. Still, just a good guess.

Looks like it does the job required!