Thoughts on a set similar to this?

So I’m thinking maybe a big bench similar to his setup with a flip-top. Basically, flip it over when you want to put materials in and get the home point set and such, then flip it over into an enclosed base that would keep things quiet. It would also have the added side benefit of the shavings falling directly into the suction shoe.

Anyone have any thoughts? I figure I could get the 4’ extension cords now that they are available, and run them through the center pipe that would act as a pivot point. I guess my biggest hangup still is figuring how to get a large enough piece of MDF or plywood to act as a base for the woodworker unit… taking suggestions! :slight_smile:



An interesting thought for people with a smaller shop. I will be interested in users views on this.

Love the thought and functionality of the flip top bench and I have already had thoughts for building one for the tools I already have. The reservations I’d have with flipping over the 1F would be throwing off alignment or damaging it with all the movement. Looking forward to see how it woks out for you. Good luck.

Thank you for the reply. The 1f shouldn’t move at all or take any stress, as it’s only the central pivot that moves, the rest is fixed in place. The 1f stays bolted in place, and honestly would move more from vibrations from the router I’d think. At any rate, I just may have to try this.