Can you use Alphacam?

I have experience in and access to Alphacam. It creates g code but I have no clue on how to find or create a post that would communicate that g code with the Onefinity CNC. How can I know if this software will work with Onefinity?

You can download camotics and test the gcode there. It is the same engine.

I’m not sure what that means? What is camotics and how could I test if alphacam software works with onefinity?

Try a generic post and do an air-cut.
Camotics is an open-source and free gcode/machine simulator. You can just as easily use ncviewer to simulate gcode - no install needed.

Here are a few more options.

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I dropped a .txt file info the ncviewer simulator and it seemed to work. Does that mean it will work for the 1F? The .txt file was created using the post for another CNC. I wanted to upload the file here for you to see but I cannot upload a .txt file to this forum.

Hi Stephen, did you use a generic post processor?
Create a simple cut (rectangle and a circle) and run it in the air.

Hey JF, the post is specific to another machine, but it still seemed to run the code in ncviewer. I don’t have a 1F CNC yet. I’m wanting to purchase one, but I’m trying to figure out what software I’m going to use. I have access to Alphacam and Fusion 360. I know Alphacam but dont know Fusion 360 and I’m just trying to figure out if using Alphacam is possible. Is it possible to send you a simple file of a rectangle or circle to cut?

Sure. DM me, and we can figure this out.

Hey JF. I’ve made a simple program with a generic post in Alphacam.

-3/4" x 12" x 12" MATERIAL
-I used a 1/4" bit
-I’m taking 3 passes with the last pass adding support tags.
-The bottom left corner is at 0, 0

Let me know if this is enough info for you to try the g-code. Thanks and I appreciate your help.


Could you make it smaller, like 6x6 x 1/2in thick ?
I only have 1/8in wood bits with a max cut depth of 0.500in
Also run it at 100ipm, DOC 0.125in and retract height to something like 0.3in.