Carveco Maker - Z slicing?

Does anyone know a method/process for z-slicing 3d models into separate files in the basic Maker software?

I have a 3d model that’s z=2.6" tall. That’s too tall for my tooling, so I’m trying to break it into two jobs, each 1.32" tall and glue them together after machining.

It looks like only the premium Carveco software package has a dedicated z-slicing tool.

Wondering it anyone has come up with a workaround. Creating the upper layer is easy, by placing the model ‘through’ the zero plane. The problem is creating the lower layer, which needs to sit on the zero plane AND needs a flat plane at z=1.32.

I’ve done it in blender, but that’s a lot of extra work.


F360. You can split a model using a construction plan in Fusion 360.

I dont know for sure but i expect meshmixer might be worth a look.

Thanks Andy. Unfortunately F360 is a dead-end for me…it simply won’t install on my PC (keeps throwing SSL errors and aborting installation). I burned a bunch of hours looking for a solution to no avail.

No experience with meshmixer, but I’ll look - maybe it’s simpler than blender.


I’ve seen people use Cura to slice a solid model for cutting and printing but I think the output is 2d and might not work for your requirement.

Reviving an old thread I know, but I’ve been try to discover offerings that have the ability to automatically slice 3D bodies into multiple 3D files.

I’m trying to work with a design that would be 30" tall, obviously outside my 1F’s Z limits. So far F360 is the best bet but that appears only to be able to slice manually one plane at a time. I use Vcarve Pro which only accepts one at a time as well so the process really becomes a complex issue.

I’m going to try to consolidate some of those files which might allow multiple sliced carving into one piece of wood. F360 is pretty powerful but it is still in the endless learning curve. Fingers crossed.

I have a working copy of Slicer for Fusion 360, but it too will only output sliced 2D files. So if anyone has had success in discovering 3D slicing for CNC I’m all ears.

Wishing everyone here Happy Holidays!