Carving Misalignment

Hello all,

New to CNCing and trying to carve a threaded wasteboard. I managed to get the holes drilled through, but the recesses for the threaded inserts are not lining up properly. The initial recess centers perfectly on the first hole, but about every third recess, the CNC is having a small “bump” at the top of the outer ring of the recess and throwing the alignment off by about 1/8", so as it goes along, each line of recesses is carving further and further off from where it should be.

I ran a juice groove carve as a test and it worked fine. I have also lubricated the drive bolts and rails. Anyone know what could be causing the issue?

usually this is because of using a wrong post processor or trying to carve beyond the limits/over under or finally, not changing the max velocity from 12.75 to 10 on x and y axis.

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It was showing within the limits, and I did change the max velocity to 10 for x and y.

I created the file in Carveco, and exported the toolpaths as the Onefinity option. Would that be potentially causing the problem?

Seems to have been an issue with CarveCo’s inside out carving path. Changed it to outside in and it worked perfectly.

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