Cut is out of alignment on my piece

I’m cutting a hollowed out area on a 12" by 12" piece of wood. I’m using the X-50 and a 3/4 in. bowl bit. I’m designing on V-Carve Desktop. On the plan the carved area is perfectly aligned between all sides. When carving, the carved area ends up closer to the left and top of the board. I’m using a straight bit to set the X and Y axis and then setting the Z with the bowl bit. Any ideas why this is coming out off center?

Board.crv (110 KB)
Sorry I forgot to include this. Here’s the program for the board.

If it looks good in V-Carve, then I could only guess that the piece shifted during carve. Might be more helpful to post a pic of your setup.


Also, watch out for square - your blank might not be in alignment with the 1F. I carved a grid into my spoilboard to help in aligning pieces square to the machine. Also double-check the dimensions of your piece and what V-Carve thinks the dimensions are - dimensions being off will cause things to look off-center.