What am I doing wrong here?

Will someone please help me???

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have my table built out of steel. With a double layer of mdf. My waste board is a double layer of 3/4" mdf. I flattened the first layer of waste board…trammed the router…then installed the 2 nd layer and flattened it.

I tried cutting out the letter A in Arial font and am getting these weird ridges along the edge. Someone mentioned possible flex in the bit so I double checked everything. When the letter is being cut there seems to be binding in one of the y axis like it’s being hung up on something. When jogging the machine around the table in all speeds everything seems to be fine.

I am very frustrated…first cnc…and all the technical data seems to compound this frustration. I feel as if I got the one dud machine of the lot even though this is probably a simple fix.

I am also going to email customer service with these details to see if we can sort this out but I thought I would ask you folks first.

Thank you so much.

what program and what post processor was this created with?

Vectric vcarve pro…and the onefinity inch.

Tried to update the post processor to most recent one but was unable to do so today.

Also tried to update the firmware but was unable to copy and paste it to usb. No internet at shop. Currently using 1.0.5

Definitly update the post processor first and rerun.

How do I do that? I tried today…now I am getting error message saying it being run two different places on the vectric software. Can I remove it completely from vectric and start from scratch?

Try uninstalling everything, restart the computer, then reinstall vetric and the post p.

Ok. Stupid question…but if I uninstall software does that count against my downloads of it with vectric…or not since it is same computer?

I will try that tomorrow and see what happens.

Thank you so much for the help. I know I can work through this…just frustrated with the high learning curve.

Ok. I uninstalled everything…restarted computer…reinstalled vcarve pro …and reinstalled the onefinity pp.

Little better…but still getting ridges. I installed a 1/4" endmill thinking more rigidity in the tool would help but still doing it.

I did a star out of a piece of old barn wood…and when cutting the profile with same endmill there is a slight stopping motion…ever so subtle and a split second like the axis is stuck if that makes sense at which point the tool goes off to side ever so slightly as indicated at the top of star and where the pen is pointed.

I am new to this…but based on what others are posting for projects can’t imagine I am being too picky or OCD in the results I should be seeing from the machine.

Also posted a pic of circle cut out of 3/4" mdf.

1/4" endmill… .125 DOC…40 IPM

Have double checked everything for tightness… rigidity…etc.

Please help.

how long is your tool, how much stick out?

1" on the 1/4" endmill…and 7/8" on the 1/8" endmill

You could do a finish pass. Have a look at this video

Thanks I’ll check it out. That doesn’t address the axis “sticking issue” though. But thank you. I am willing to try anything. Want to get this up and running smoothly like I see everyone else’s.

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Watched the video…did a separate last pass…still have offset and the circle is not a perfect circle. Something is off on machine…has to be.

Going to let this play out for a bit more time then an going to contact customer service via email. So so frustrating. I see people doing awesome signs and 3D stuff and I can’t even get a good circle made.

try running with the mm post p and see if it changes anything.

Same exact parameters as before…same exact results.

I put my finger on the y axis as it’s traveling towards me and you can feel a little abrupt stop and go as it’s traveling.

Try removing your bit and reinstalling it, ensuring it’s tight in the collet and has the LEAST stick out possible.

Well I have to have at least the amount I have already to cut all the way through the material I have been cutting. So I guess I tried that too. I could raise it up an 1/8" but highly doubtful that is going to have a positive effect.

I don’t want to come off as sounding ungrateful or an ass…but I run a barn wood business with a shop full of industrial milling equipment …and there is something (in my opinion) with the operational functionality of the machine. Albeit I am entirely new to cnc and relying on others for input I am not new to running wood working equipment. I just don’t see how raising the bit an 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch is going to help.

the more stick out, the more runout and deflection you will have of the bit. You ideally want as little stick out as possible.