Change Z motor cable to drag chain (How to stretch the Z Curley Cable to fit)

I decided to put my Z motor cable in my drag chain which presents some problems, the coiled cable that comes with the Z motor hook up needs to be left in the line, you cannot use the new extension wire that you may have ordered because they won’t work without the coil which doesn’t fit in the drag chain. The easiest solution is straightening the coiled cable that came with the machine it has special cross wiring in it that you cannot remove from the line.
By the way it took more than a hair dryer to straighten that coiled cord that came with the machine, it took a hot air gun set at 1000° and alternating between heating 6 inches to a foot of cord up and alternate running it under cold water and back and forth until it straighten the whole cord that was about 8 foot long when fully stretched out.
Hope that will help out somebody that is needing to stretch the cord.

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